Management A very experienced team of Technical Dyers and Laboratory personnel look after the delicate task of dyeing your yarn to your specification, exactly on shade,and for when you require it.They are assisted in their task by a sophisticated 'Bespoke' computer control system which monitors everything from orders to delivery and invoice.


Dyestuffs are dispensed in a 'downflow booth', each weighing being automatically check weighed by computer.

Colour Store. The dyes are stored in a humidity controlled environment.

Laboratory Pilot dyeing plant includes Ahiba, Roaches and Thies dyeing machines. New colours are matched and shades monitored using a Datacolor Smart-match computer system. On site we have sophisticated fastness testing facilities.

Soft winding Schlafhorst winding machines are used to produce mainly parallel sided dye packages. However most types of dye packages can be accommodated in our versatile dyeing machines.


Dyehouse A modern dyehouse equipped with the latest Beacon controlled Thies package dyeing machines. Recipes are barcoded and computer check-weighed and dispensed to the machines automatically. All dyelot sizes up to around 1000 kilos can be accomodated.


Hydro-extracting and Drying Both Radio Frequency driers (Strayfield) and hot ovens are used depending upon the type of yarns to be dried.

drying machine

Rewinding After dyeing, your yarns can be rewound if necessary to give an optimum package for your next process.

Standards/Environment ATC Dyers are pleased to liaise with Customers to help them achieve quality standards such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

ATC Dyers also work with Retailers and Suppliers to satisfy ecological and environmental needs.


Delivery Can be arranged throughout the UK.

delivery lorry

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