ATC Dyers was incorporated in 1970 as a limited company within Allied Textile Companies Ltd. The following is an edited list of notes kept by Anthony Greenwood

A new yarn dyeing operation was built to add to the slubbing dyeing facilities at Joseph Lumb & Sons Ltd, Folly Hall Mills, Huddersfield.

The MD was Anthony Greenwood, the Chairman, John Sykes, Directors, Ian Halliday, George England, Bill Powell, and Secretary, Jim Lord.

In 1971/2, slubbing dyeing accounted for up to 17 tons per week, 10 tons for Lumb’s and 7 tons for Hart Wool, Bradford. Yarn Dyeing started, mainly dyeing for other Group weaving companies, the Trevira/wool (Orbit) yarns spun by Willey & Pearson, Halifax.
1971 David Lambert starts, learning to run the slubbing dyeing. £13.50pw.
1972 Frank Beaumont as dyehouse manager. Frank brings John R Taylor to be foreman in the new yarn dyehouse.
Late 1972/73, the yarn dyeing production starts to rocket. Double day shift working introduced, Derek Revy foreman opposite JRT. Pre-winding and Rewinding departments set up. Staffed mainly by local Indian and Pakistani ladies.
1973 Frank B starts attending board meetings, prior to being made a director. Started working in kgs, not lbs.
Yarn storage moved into Karrier sheds.
Teddie Lumb becomes Chairman of Allied Textiles.
February 1974 Miners strike. 3 Day week. Lumbs own generators keep the dyehouse running 5 days!
1975 Ian halliday seconded to Government, Bill Kiley replaces him on the Board.
1976 Bevan Wright starts as dyer in yarn dyehouse. £2732pa.
Paul Heppleston, ex Jerseycraft joins, to run the winding dept.
Bill Kiley resigns, to be replaced on the Board by Russell Smith.
1976 Started dyeing Poly/Vincel yarns for Vauxhall Chevette seats. This was the start of the fabric revolution in car seats, and ATC Dyers dyed many tons of air-textured polyester.
1977 Frank Beaumont wants to go mainly on sales. John M Taylor joins ATC Dyers from Wm Oddy, Lockwood. Leslie Lockwood starts as yarn shift dyer. Bevan transfers to shift dyer. John M Taylor becomes director.
George England resigns as director.
1979 Lumb’s Golden Bale awarded in Harrogate to Sperry Pickering.
Frank Beaumont resigns. To start up yarn dyehouse at Berisfords, Congleton.
1979 Eldon Combing to close.
Philip Turnbull takes over from Roger Wood as engineer.
1980 Joanne Lockwood starts on Quality Control and Lab. £55 per week.
1981 Under pressure to install bigger machines to dye car seat yarns. Smith Bulmer dyeing for us.
1981 ATC Dyers becomes part of Allied Textile Companies Special Products and Service division.
1982 Joseph Lumbs to close. Relocate some plant to Willey & Pearson. John Sykes, Chairman resigns, leaving in December to join Bill Kiley at DB Fancy Yarns, Steeton.
1983 John McSweeney starts as shift dyer. £5520pa.
1983 Stuart Wilkinson starts as shift dyer.
1984. Russell Smith receives the CBE.
Joanne Lockwood takes over the slubbing dyeing. Andrew Rough starts as apprentice dyer. £58pw.
1985 Ex Chairman, John Sykes dies during summer holidays. Snowy White gets 25 years service gold watch. Steve Williams takes over from Phil Turnbull as engineer. Bill Powell retires. Keith Williams takes over on RF drier. Surinder Kaur starts as winder. (Parmjit holidays in India).
1986 Stuart Wilkinson leaves to go to Wm Hutchinson, Greengates. John Broderick starts in his place. Leslie Lockwood dies. Audrey finishes as ‘Tea Lady’, June Whitehead takes over. Russell Smith becomes Chairman of ATC Group, John Corin, MD.

Jan 1987 ATC take over Bulmer & Lumb, Buttershaw. ATC Dyers was moved to the Bulmer & Lumb factory in Royds Hall Lane, Bradford, following the closure of Folly Hall Mills.
1987 Julian starts on RF Drier. April, start the move to Buttershaw. ATC Dyers Body Scanner run to Castle Hill. Delroy Johnson 1st. Anthony Greenwood 2nd. Steve Williams 3rd. David Jackson Starts in winding. Examiner fun run from Rugby Ground. 5m. APG. JMT. Delroy. Steve Williams & John McSweeney.
1987 July Paul Bruce starts. Top dyeing transferred to Walshaw Drake, Brighouse. ATC Dyers Mill Cooling Party in the offices.
1987 August  Dr Derek Wood made MD of all B&L Companies. Hartley. Willey & Pearson. Rawnsley. Blackburn & Sutcliffe. KM Feather.
Philip Oates retires. Bill Crowther & John Anderton start.
1988 March Gerry Brittain retires after 39 years service.
1988 July Anthony Greenwood 25 years service.
1989 May John Anderton leaves to go to J H Walkers. Returns the following week!
1989 August Derek Hirst leaves (again) to take over newsagents in Halifax. Sally and Richard Melkowski promoted.
1990 March. Peter Middleton, trainee leaves. John Broderick, DH manager leaves. Decide to do without him. Starts Bromac with John MacSweeney.
1990 April Steven Greenwood starts. David Horner leaves.
1990 June Leanne starts to help Bevan Wright in laboratory.
1990 July June Whitehead, lady Friday, dies of brain haemorrhage, Brenda Lynch takes over.
1990 Sept Teddie Lumb dies.
1990 October Andrew Simpson starts as trainee, ex Broadside Colours. Stephen Halliday leaves to go as piece dyer at Scott and Rhodes on shifts. Derek Whitehead takes over.
1991 January John Anderton has day off to look around Aston Martin.
1991 March Stephen Halliday redundant from Scott & Rhodes. Goes to Zac Hinchliffes.
1991 July ATC Dyers v Schofield & Smiths at Cricket, Outlane. ATC win by 6 wickets.
John Watson, John Pawson, Joint Captains.
Stephen Greenwood ñ Star ñ scored around 50 runs
Anthony Greenwood
Andrew Beckett
David Jackson
Delroy Johnson
Andrew Simpson
Julian Key
Garry Maurice
Kevin Wheelhouse
Reserve Errol Lee
Umpire JMTaylor
20 overs a side
1992 January Sally Stewart becomes a Queens Scout.
1992 May Hx 10k Run
Won by Steve Halliday, Belgrave Harriers 30.53
36 Andrew Taylor 38.44
55 Mark Porter 40.25
73 Derek Taylor 41.24
81 Paul Turner 41.55
95 Anthony Greenwood 43.02
132 Delroy Johnson 45.09
201 Andrew Simpson 48.36
239 Richard Melkowski 52.31
Andrew started well, but bonked after 1 mile.
1992 June Gillian starts to help Leanne in Lab.
1992 Aug. Derek Revy collapses. Ian Youngman takes over. Colin Shepherd starts.
1993 Jan Derek Revy returns to work. They cannot find anything wrong. Sally apg jmt to Holmfirth Dyers to see Bespoke management system. Maurice Greenwood and John Winstanley take over from Gordon Butterworth in charge of site engineering.
1993 May David Whitehead leaves to go to Benson Turners as lab manager. Steve Halliday returns from Scott and Rhodes and Zac Hinchliffes. Sally and Andrew start SDC exams.
1993 June. Owen Simpson leaves. August. John Wray leaves. Sally gives  1 months notice to go to Applied Chemicals Cottingley to set up a Lab. Andrew to take over as assistant dyer.
1993 October. Sally leaves. Steven Cleary starts. Mayor of Bradford tours the site.
1993 December Sally calls in to sell jmt some applied chemical vat dyes.
1994 January Leslie Farren leaves. For 2nd time. Malcolm Youngman and Tom Hancock start.
1995 January John Anderton leaves for 2nd time to work at Aston Martin!
1995 May John Watson 25 years service.
1995 June Anniversary 'do' at Chapel House Inn. Derek Retires. John Watson gold watch.
1996 January Dangerous Occurence-Hydros fire. Ian Y Steve Halliday, David Mlodecki, Colin Shepherd, Joe McGuiness involved. Fred Chippendale starts.
1996 February David Coates starts in dyehouse.
1996 March John Wilkinson, MD Walshaw Drakes retires. Jim Lord retires.
1996 May David Mlodecki and Malcolm Youngman leave. Leslie Farren starts again. Philip Leyland starts. Ruth leaves from office.
1996 September. Janet Hinchliffe leaves, Karen Gillet starts.
1997 March. Beryl starts in winding.
1997 April Philip Leyland leaves. Nigel Barron starts
1997 June. Leanne transfers to combing office. B&L.
1997 November. Kathleen Womersley retires.
1997 December David Coates killed in hit and run accident. John Corin trying to buy ATC PLC.
1998 January Ian Kitson leaves to go to Charles Watsons.
1998 August Colin Shepherd retires. Gavin and Philip start.
1999 April Set up ATC Dyers website.
1999 November David Joy starts as trainee.
1999 December Moira starts in winding.
2000 January Christina Youngman retires.
2000 February Irene retires. Margaret Reynolds starts.
2000 March Pamela Farren retires.
2000 April Margaret Reynolds finishes. Deborah starts. Maurice Greenwood retires.
2000 June. J Corrin, G Willshaw and 3i buy ATC. Andrew Simpson asks re prospects - had job offered at Brooks by D Lambert. Derek Revy dies.
2000 October New Lab software from bespoke. Kathy donohue to take over from Joyce. David Joy visits Clariant for a week.
2000 November Joyce Sheperd retires from office.
2000 December Dr Derek Wood retires. Bill Waterhouse takes over. Gillian retires.
2001 Willey Pearson to close. Paul Heppleston completes 25 years.
2001 April Snowy White dies of kidney failure. Ian Kitson returns. Paul Heppleston resigns due to eyesight failing.
2001 July Richard Mekowski gives in his notice. His partner has got a top job with M&S in store display for south of England. Will move near London. Pierina starts as a temporary winder for 3 months. ex W&P.
2001 August David Joy gives in his notice. John Winstanley retires. Darrell McNulty takes over.
2001 September Ian Coulthard starts. David Joy leaves.
2001 November Vir Kaur starts in winding. Brenda presented with Gold Watch for 25 years service at B&L/ATC Dyers. Jack Berry starts.
2001 December Management Buy Out imminent.
2002 Jan Management  buyout of the wool division from ATC is proceeding. Anouncement made to everyone. Bill Waterhouse, David Midgley, Hugh Anderson. Mark Feather and David Lister. B&L Group Ltd formed. Mike Eastwood retires from Dye Committee. Pierina retires suddenly. Paul Bruce has diabetes.
2002 February Bill Waterhouse prefers to abandon dyeware committee. Amanda Peck starts. Jason Longbottom leaves.
2002 April Paul Crompton starts in warehouse. Amanda Peck starts maternity leave.
2002 May Brenda becomes on staff as laboratory assistant. Andrew has wet week on the Coulins.
June 2002 Steve Cleary marries. Honeymoon in Crete. Chetna Patel starts in the winding, covering maternity leave.
July 2002. Letter from Union threatening strike action against B&L next Monday because 1.5% increase not acceptable. ATC Dyers have 6 union members. Errol. Gavin. Paul Bruce. Alan P. Delroy J. The Union want substantial inc. £6 per hr Minimum. More Hols. More sick pay. Payments for Family leave.
Now more personnel have joined.
However ballot found to be unlawful due to not balloting Joshua Ellis who have 83 members! (MD Nigel Priestley is Chair of the CBWT. The ‘national ballot’  is therefore legally  defective. NB there was only a majority of 5 for strike action. Also ‘the numbers of those not voting is considerable in terms of the overall numbers of those who have voted’. So inaction was halted at 1.40pm Friday 5th.
Ian Youngman becomes shop steward for the Dyehouse. Got to go on a course.
Amanda decides not to return after having her baby. Chetna becomes permanent.
2002 November Derek Taylor to semi retire, Paul Hamilton to step up.
2002 December Steve Cleary and Laurie have baby daughter, Jessica Joan.8lbs 10oz. Melvyn paints the canteen floor.
2003 January Paul Hamilton takes first joint H&S meeting. Ian Youngman suggests changes in shift pattern, to no Fridays, but cannot get enough hours in without increasing the overlap.
2003 February Lab (Brenda and Steve) moves into B&L. Gavin gives in his notice, to go to plastics factory down Manchester road. But wants to come back. Stephen Richardson  starts in dyehouse instead of Gavin Emmett. Fred Ellis dies in car smash in America. Andrew Beckett leaves. Craig moves into his job + bringing in Colour and chems.
2003 August Decide to make Paul C and Craigs job into a jobshare. ie. Warehouse and  bringing in yarn.
Lee Darvil promoted General Sales Mgr.
Malcolm Riley mainly external yarn sales. John Illingworth Purchase yarn for fabrics. Intergroup yarn sales. Mark Pillinger WP order system. Internal link for paperwork Tops Yarns and Fabrics. Back up Lee and DSL.
David Midgley becomes a father. William.
Jack Berry retires after 2 years service.
2003 Nov Colin Ellerton starts.
Steve Halliday takes over evening top dyeing.
2004 March Phil Stone gives 1 weeks notice. Colin Ellerton moves on to RF Drier. Ian Kitson takes demotion to Phils job. Lee White starts as operative. Anthony Greenwood announces he is retiring. Andrew Simpson to move across to assist JMT. Derek Taylor retires.
2004 May Kelvin Denville starts as Technical Dyer. Kathy Donohue gives her notice.
2004 August Margaret Wild starts. Finds it freezing in the office.
Steven and Laurie Cleary (nee Schild) Boy  Connor Jake sept 13th. 7lb 3oz. Brother for Jessica.
Laboratory, Steve and Rose return to ATC.
Feb 2005 Cora Edwards  ex tea lady dies, aged 86 years.
Geof Turner  our ex colour weigher who left to be a bus driver dies from heart attack aged 60.
2005 March Anthony Greenwood retires
2005 Harrison Gardner Hank dyeing moves in. 1 ton package machine to ATC Dyers
2006 June John Taylor retires. Paul Bruce gets cancer of the stomach.
2007 Jan Paul Bruce dies
2007 Feb John R Taylor dies


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