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January 2002.

Viewers of the above photographs may be puzzled by the fact that there are no photographs of Frank Beaumont.

Frank was instrumental in the change of ATC Dyers from a Group dyehouse to a commission dyehouse. He was with ATC Dyers from 1972 to 1977. John Taylor took over from 1977.

Frank left ATC Dyers to found his own company, Botex Design Agencies Ltd.

Anthony Greenwood recently cycled down to deepest Cheshire to see if he could find Frank. The following picture confirms that he is in fact very well. He is still thriving in his own business!

If any past employees have any photographs taken at ATC Dyers, particularly the run to the top of Chapel Hill, we would be pleased to copy them and add them to the website..................


January 2002


On the 14th January 2002, a management buy-out team purchased the Natural Fibre companies from Allied Textiles Ltd. The new company will be called Bulmer & Lumb Group Ltd and will be based at the well established Bulmer & Lumb site at Royds Hall Lane, Bradford.

Led by managing director Bill Waterhouse, the five strong MBO team also includes David Midgley, Mark Feather, David Lister and Hugh Anderson.

The new Bulmer & Lumb Group will include the following companies:-

ATC Dyers. Package Dyers of all types of yarns.
Boardman & Smith. Commission Weavers.
Bulmer & Lumb.
K M Feather.
Corporate and menswear suiting fabric manufacturers.
Arthur Harrison. Worsted fabric manufacturers.
H F Hartley. Worsted fabric manufacturers.
Sir James Hill & Sons. Tow to Top converters.
Redman & Smith. Fabric manufacturers.

December 2003, Anthony Greenwood receives 40 years service award

May 2004, Kelvin Denville joins the yarn dyeing team as a Technical Dyer

July 5, 2004

The Bulmer & Lumb Group, Yarn Dyeing Division, ATC Dyers, have just taken delivery of one of the very latest generation of yarn dyeing machines, to add to what is perhaps one of the most advanced facilities in the UK.

The Thies Quattro dyeing machine, made in Germany by Messrs Thies GMBH, is at the forefront of yarn dyeing machine design.

The 'Quattro' is split into four separate dyeing kiers which can be coupled in various ways, dependent on order requirements. The total capacity of the machine, using all four kiers is 36kgs. But it can be run as either 2 x 18kgs, 4 x 9kgs, 1 x 9kgs and 1 x 27kgs. In each mode, the different weights can be dyed independently to different shades!The machine will, when commissioned at the end of August 2004, give the yarn dyeing division the flexibility required to meet the keen delivery demands for the dyeing of small weights in the niche and added value markets of the UK.

It was fortunate that the arrival of the Quattro coincided with a visit by Hugh Pym, the Economics and Industy correspondent of the BBC. He was making a program about investment in textiles. The program was to be shown as part of the 6pm News in July.


David Midgley, Production Director and Hugh Pym



August 2004, Margaret Wilde joins Anthony, John and Andrew as Dyehouse Administrator

Bulmer & Lumb Group News January 2005

The Bulmer & Lumb Group has acquired the Huddersfield fine worsted manufacturer Taylor & Lodge, which has been producing cloth at Rashcliffe Mills for the last 120 years.
Taylor & Lodge produces fabric for some of the world's best known luxury brands and the acquisition will increase the need for dyed tops and yarns produced in the Group's UK mills.

Gordon Kaye, managing director of Taylor & Lodge, said "The merger would allow the firm to continue its export success and develop new business at home. The support of the Group, gives us a much more confident future outlook in the continued design and production of traditional fine Huddersfield worsted cloth".

Planning for the future, the Group have recently installed yet more equipment.

One of the very first Radio Frequency Driers (50KW) to be used by the Textile Industry, has been replaced by a new 85KW dryer by RF Systems of Italy. This follows closely on the heels of an 85KW machine, purchased off the RF Systems stand at ITMA, Birmingham in 2003. This installation will enable the drying department which dries tops, package dyed yarn, and space-dyed yarn, to keep up to the capacity demands from the dyehouse.

In efforts to target niche markets, the Group, in partnership with West Yorkshire Spinners have also installed two yarn space dyeing machines, together with steamers and a hank scouring machine. These dye multicoloured knitwear and hosiery yarns, mainly for the Scandinavian market. Production on these machines is already running almost to maximum capacity.

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