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Allied Textile Companies was formed by the merging of Messrs R Beanland of Clayton West and Messrs Joseph Lumb of Folly Hall, both of Huddersfield,in 1967.

ATC Dyers Limited was started in 1970. The reason was to allow other member companies of the Allied Textiles Group to have access to yarn package dyeing within the Group.

ATC Dyers had two dyehouses, one dyeing around 13 tons per week of slubbing dyeing for Messrs Joseph Lumbs, spinners of the finest oil spun worsted yarns and the new one cabable of dyeing around 7 tons of yarn on a single day shift.

The following are a selection of photographs from the ATC Dyers Archives. The first few pre-date ATC Dyers and show employees of Joseph Lumbs.


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